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Brian offers a full tuning service in the Rotorua region. The standard local tuning fee is $130 (plus travel if outside Rotorua). Minor repairs are carried out at no extra charge.


As Brian is approaching retirement, he is not actively seeking work outside Rotorua.  Should there be a request to do so, he will try to coincide the appointment with one or two others in order to keep travel costs to a minimum of around $30 per customer, depending on location.  If however, there is only one client who wishes their piano to be tuned at short notice, there is a fixed tuning/travel charge of $220.  Clients will appreciate the cost and time required traveling to out of town locations.  

Eastern Bay of Plenty (Whakatane region and Kawerau).  In the next few weeks, Adele, my colleague (visit her page) will be available for tunings in those areas.  Her contact details will be made available shortly.


Repairs can range from something as minor as a sticking key to a complete action overhaul. Consultation with the client and the value of the piano is always taken into account before any major work is done.


Pianos often come up for sale and current used models can be seen in the Gallery.

All pianos sold are tuned to concert pitch and range from good to excellent condition.


A competent carrier can be recommended or arranged when a purchase is made.


Customer satisfaction and protection are of prime consideration and the following statement appears on the back of Brian's invoices:

Thank you for the opportunity to service your piano. To ensure satisfaction and understanding, the following matters are drawn to your attention. It can be appreciated that the age/condition of your piano and the frequency of playing affects the tuning and consequently no guarantee can be made. However, prompt notification of any reasonable complaint with regard to tuning, will be acknowledged accordingly.
All other workmanship is guaranteed for a period of 24 months unless otherwise stated.
The work carried out on your piano is done with the utmost of care and without compromise, unless the age/condition of the piano is such that a complete repair should be uneconomical.
IMPORTANT: If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the servicing done on your piano, notification must be made at the earliest opportunity. The matter will be promptly attended to at no extra charge provided that the complaint relates to the work previously done.


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