PLUG IT IN  January 2015

Now available - asking price per CD is $20.  There are actually two CDs, with identical covers but different inside.  The tracks on PLUG IT IN Lite will suit those who have grown up with popular songs from days gone by (but also a couple of recent ones), in contrast to the other CD where the contents are more rock oriented, noisier and somewhat raunchier in parts!  See contents of each CD below.  Choose your poison and then email or phone 07 3492448, mob 0274729992

Friends and customers who already have a CD are welcome to make a donation BNZ 020412 0200084 00  Thanks!

Earlier CDs right here....

“Des Chansons Classique 2”  

This is a follow on from my earlier CD, but with a selection of newer songs.  Also, apart from my singing and playing, this production is entirely computer based (that's how it's done these days), allowing superior quality and creativity.  The entire CD was recorded, mixed, edited and compiled in my compact home studio, using professional quality backing tracks, Cubase editing software and a Rode NT1-A studio mike to replace the Shure SM58 used on my earlier album.  Much energy has gone into Chansons Classique 2, which is designed to be played, and enjoyed frequently rather than being just filed in the rack with the rest of your collection!  Seriously, this CD is intended to be enjoyed!

This CD is not for sale, but any donation is always welcome to cover the cost of the album which comes in a case with sleeve.  Contact me if you would like one. 

The final mastering will be done by Ellamy Studios in Auckland - special thanks to Louis Bernstone for his excellent work and going the extra mile in assisting  me with this CD and also my earlier project. 

What’s on the CD:

1 There's Something in the Water

2 Born Free (not the version you're thinking of!)

3 White Wedding 

4  Sea of Heartbreak

5 Why Does it Always Rain on Me

6 Ruby

7 Crying in the Rain

8 Parisienne Walkways - guitar solo

9 Make You Feel My Love

10 Walk in the Room - remix

11 The Thunder Rolls

12 Midnight Hour

13 Nikita

14 OMG - not that song - live!

My earlier CD is right here...

Earlier last year I put together another CD - “Des Chansons Classique (1)”  

This album was recorded using an analogue Fostex FD-4, once again in my poky little home studio.  The final mastering was done by Ellamy Studios in Auckland. Photo - Sally Garner.


Tracks on the CD:

1  Walk in the Room

2  Lay Down Sally 

3  Abilene

4  Home

5  Midnight Blues - own composition

6  Learning to Fly 

7  Road to Hell

8  Slow Hand

9  Diamonds

10  House of the Rising Sun

11  100 Billion Stars – own composition 

12 OMG - not that song!


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