Introducing Adele Dixon Bachelor of Music (Performance)



Adele is training to be a piano tuner/technician with the long-term goal of taking over my clientele in the Eastern Bay of Plenty where she currently lives.  Her time with me involves tuning, regulation and repair, using both traditional and modern techniques.  Many hours of practice are needed to learn this difficult profession and with the help of my tuition and encouragement, Adele is determined to succeed.  Currently she is involved with her second major project, restoring a piano under my supervision.  All the hands-on work is being done by Adele giving the instruments a new lease of life.  During this period, the pianos are also used for ongoing tuning and regulating practice. 




Adele's restoration project... 

Pictured is a 960s Monington and Weston upright.  Basically with ‘good bones’ with casework in mint condition.  Work done included a major pitch raise involving several tunings.  The action (which has the hammers and dampers) was been removed and stripped down completely (a labour – intensive task), with all flanges being fitted with new centre pins.  The hammer felts were also voiced to improve the tone.

The copper wound bass strings were badly affected with sulphur and needed to be removed and cleaned.  Once replaced, the tone was restored virtually back to normal.  A great result  All the key bushings were eased where necessary and keyboard leveled.  Finally the piano was regulated, to enable all the moving parts to operate within the fine tolerances required.  All work was done by Adele under my supervision but with minimal help from me.  She now rewarded with a fine piano that will give many more years of playing pleasure.  

Update Sept 01 2016. With the task completed and the piano now in Adele's home, another restoration project is currently underway in the workshop.         





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