The Sound Gear

The Sound Gear

The Roulettes first amplification back in ' 62 was basic to say the least - A Concord Contina 6 watt amplifier with one 6"x4" speaker! Not the one pictured!

How times have changed! On the night of the Reunion, the following sound equipment was used:

Brian - Korg digital effects stereo processer. Powered through P.A. system described below, plus separate Phonic 50 watt amplifier/mixer and speakers for monitoring.
Rex - Fender combo 100 watt amplifier and through P.A.
Nick - Rockitt 300 bass amplifier with 4 x 10" and 1 x 18" speakers

P.A. system - Yorkville stereo/powered mixer, 12 channels (all used!) with 32 band equalizer - maximum output 1200 watts for 2x Elite 400 watt (top) speakers. Audio Pro 4400 power amp, output 800 watts to run 2x Elite 800 watt (sub) speakers. Monitors - 2 x Fostex 100 watt speakers

Plus selection of microphones, for vocals and drums.

Thank you Bruce for making this equipment available and twiddling all the knobs as required.

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