Piano Services Greater Hamilton, Waikato & Waipa Areas


After several weeks overseas, Brian will be available for tunings as from June 1st.


The standard local tuning fee is $150 (plus travel if outside the area). Minor repairs are carried out at no extra charge.  A concert tuning or recording session fee is usually around $180 depending on accessibility to venue, extra service and visits required.

Brian offers his services to clients in the Waipa/Waikato area - offering tunings and minor repairs.

Mobile 0274 729992  

Should there be a request to work outside the Cambridge vicinity - where he is based, he will try to coincide the appointment with one or two others in order to keep travel costs to a minimum.  

Single Travel Rates:

Hamilton South $25

Hamilton North $35

Te Awamutu $25

Matamata, Morrinsville, Pirongia, Putaruru $35 

Raglan/Tokoroa $45 

Rotorua, Tauranga $55

When making an enquiry, it will help immensely if you can give:

Your name, address, phone number, the brand of piano and the general condition.  Also if possible (but not essential), a photo or two would give an approximate idea on what work is likely to be involved. 

Please be assured that Brian will do his very best to offer his clients first class friendly service.   

Important Notice to Rotorua/Bay of plenty clients...

"After over 40 years in business in the Bay of Plenty, my wife and I have now relocated permanently in Cambridge.  Because of the increase in clientele here (in the Waipa district), I have had to reluctantly give up my tuning in the Bay of Plenty and Taupo. 

Existing Rotorua clients may still be looked after where possible, but with only occasional trips scheduled, taking into account that traveling costs and moving around the country are a major concern at this time.

For those clients who have been part of my business for so many years, this may be the time to suggest other options.

For more information please scroll down.

Thank you for your support and I wish you all the best for the future. 


Recent customer feedback:  

"For many years Brian has been (and still is) Rotorua Rockshop's 'go to' man when it comes to piano tuning and advice. He has tuned and cared for a multitude of pianos throughout the rohe always with excellent results and many, many satisfied customers. We entrust him with the tuning of our top brand pianos including, Kawai and Shigeru Kawai. Calling on excellent knowledge built upon through experience and time, he is able to advise on the care and maintenance of pianos, applicable to venue or home". 

Richard Anaru

Manager, Rotorua Rockshop.

"Thank you so much for the fabulous work done on my piano.  It is now such a pleasure to play.  JK".

"Excellent piano tuner. Very polite and simply gets on with the task at hand, I am very pleased each time Mr Holden comes to tune our family piano. I know that after the tuning process the instrument will play as new. MJR".

"…nice job tuning the (venue) grand piano, made a huge difference and very much appreciated.  BW"

"Brian is the ultimate piano professional - his expertise goes well beyond tuning an instrument and his passion for his profession shines through. Charming, kind and considerate, I would recommend Brian to anyone. Monique E"

For pianos in the Eastern Bay of Plenty (Whakatane, Edgecumbe and Kawerau):

Adele, Brian's colleague is available for tuning in these areas.  Phone her on  027 531 9502. 

Alternatively, for the Eastern and general Bay of Plenty area, you may also wish to try Maurice Ritchie  02 137 1607      http://pianotuning.net.nz/ or

Gordon Meder 027 641 1402


This service is for customers who are serious about their music.  All too often I am asked to ‘do the best I can’ when servicing a piano and not worry too much if the instrument cannot be tuned as well as it should.  This is usually because the piano is of poor quality and/or too much time has been allowed to lapse between tunings.  While I will always do my best, the result will almost certainly be below the standard required to produce good music.   

A truly serious musician does not accept this compromise and will always insist on a top quality serviced instrument.  For a pianist, this usually means a reputable brand such as Bösendorfer, Steinway & Sons, Bechstein, Yamaha, Kawai, Schimmel or similar.  There are of course other fine pianos that fit into this category.  This is not about snobbery, but rather simply having the right instrument to do the job. Secondly, a serious pianist will have his or her instrument tuned to the proper pitch, regularly - ideally every six months or less. 

A custom ‘fine’ tuning is what one would do just prior to a concert or a studio recording session, where every note and interval counts, leaving an impression on the ears of a discerning audience.  Further, when a recording is made, evidence of a good tuning – or bad, remains embedded throughout the life of the disc, or whatever media is used.  Performing well and producing a quality recording are in the realm of a serious musician. 

While all my tunings in the real world are done to the best of my ability regardless of whatever piano I tune, I offer this extra custom service for discerning clients and special situations.  Simply put, I go the ‘extra mile’ to achieve a near perfect result.  The fee is a little higher, but with the promise of giving added value. 

If you feel this custom service is for you, please let me know.      


(When a piano goes flat - really flat).  Often I am asked to look at a piano that hasn't been tuned for many years.  The instrument is low in pitch and has developed a characteristic "twang" associated with saloon bars in those old western movies!  To bring the piano back up to sound as it should, at least, two - usually three tunings are required.  It is unrealistic to expect any technician to tune such a piano to the proper pitch in one go.  Think of the task in terms of mowing one's lawn when the grass has grown a foot high.  To do the job well, you have to go over it at least twice.  Ideally, I like to do the initial pitch raise and tuning at the first appointment and the final one a few weeks later.  However, an out of town tuning doesn't always make this possible, and the piano is completely tuned there and then with the appointment being extended.  The extra cost is discussed before the work begins.  Be aware that a broken string or two may result.  Should this occur, I will discuss options with the client.  

Raising the pitch of a piano, is a specialized skill and having done considerable work in this area over the years, I have become very competent in the pitch raising process.  

Customers are astounded to hear their piano come back to life after having the pitch raised to where it should be!   

Please appreciate that even after all the above is taken into account, there is no guarantee that your piano can be brought up to original concert pitch.  Some pianos have simply passed their 'use by date' in this respect.  Also, even after a major tuning session, expect your piano to go a little out of tune a few weeks/months later.  The good news is that it will remain considerably better than what it was prior to the initial visit.  However another tuning at a later stage will be required.  Consultation prior to doing any major work will prevent disappointment and unnecessary expense.  A compromise may have to be considered. 

Customer satisfaction and protection are of prime consideration and the following statement appears on the back of Brian's invoices:


Thank you for the opportunity to service your piano. To ensure satisfaction and understanding, the following matters are drawn to your attention. It can be appreciated that the age/condition of your piano and the frequency of playing affects the tuning, and consequently no guarantee can be made. However, prompt notification of any reasonable complaint with regard to tuning, will be acknowledged accordingly.
All other workmanship is guaranteed for a period of 24 months unless otherwise stated.
The work carried out on your piano is done with the utmost care and without compromise, unless the age/condition of the piano is such that a complete repair should be uneconomical.
IMPORTANT: If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the servicing done on your piano, notification must be made at the earliest opportunity. The matter will be promptly attended to at no extra charge provided that the complaint relates to the work previously done.


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