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Based in Cambridge, Brian travels regularly throughout the wider Hamilton, Waikato and Waipa areas, plus Rotorua when requested by his established clients.

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August, 2020   

A milestone in my life has just been reached.  Forty years ago in 1980, I left my secure nine to five job and went into business.  After five years working as a musical instrument repairer in a local music store, it was time to move on to bigger things - pianos.  After studying every piano book I could find and a preliminary training session (which was to be the first of many) from an obliging Auckland technician I was ready to make the leap.  On August 1, 1980, armed with my newly imported kit of specialist tools and a determination to succeed, I placed an ad in the local newspaper and waited for the phone to ring – which it did.  Piano tuners/technicians have always been somewhat of a rarity and the few that you come across, will tell you that they are seldom short of work.

Piano tuning is a lifestyle profession where you can arrange appointments to suit.  I see it as a privilege to be invited into homes both grand and humble, to do my work.  A good chat with my clients and the offer of a cup of coffee or tea, is a bonus and seldom refused. 

Do I regret trading my old nine to five job (which I enjoyed) for this lifestyle?  Not at all!




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